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Across the Divide - Corporate Experience
Corporate Experience and CSR Project Solutions
With a wide range of corporate training, event and project solutions we have helped organisations connect with their teams and the wider community both in the UK and on a global scale.

ACROSS THE DIVIDE Corporate Experience and CSR Project Solutions

Inspire your team; help your community; develop your business

Time crashes by and I’ve realized I haven’t had a chance to say thank you so much for organising the community team event at Woodrow House. So, “Thank You” – it was very much appreciated.  We have had wonderful feedback from our team. They really enjoyed getting their hands dirty and found it really satisfying to be able to help such a worthwhile cause.  We are very grateful for your patience and enthusiasm on the day with contributed hugely into making it so successful.  Thank you again. Stephen Cooper, Executive Vice President Skanska

Today’s customers want more than great products and services from your company. They also want to feel good about doing business with you.

And your employees feel the same. These days, they want to feel great about what you stand for. 

So your CSR activities are more than optional - they are an essential part of developing your business and your people.That’s why more and more companies are now using community-based events as a more effective and more worthwhile alternative to traditional team-building days and staff parties. And community days make great positive PR to drive your business forward too.

About Across the Divide

At Across the Divide, we have huge experience of running corporate and community events.

Since we started out in 1997, we have run hundreds of events and have also facilitated the raising of over £43 million for charitable and socially worthwhile causes We have long established relationships within the charitable sector to find the right charity partner(s) for you. We also have impressive logistic skills, from planning and managing both UK and overseas events and expeditions, to the ability to ensure that your events are not only successful for you, but also meet your community objectives


Our team of project managers, facilitators, support technicians and safety experts is composed of highly accomplished, inspiring individuals who have worldwide experience with people of all levels of seniority from commerce and industry and who plan, prepare and manage each event with imagination, professionalism and total attention to detail. The cornerstone of our approach has always been safety – for example, we were the first company to introduce salaried medical staff on all of our international events  - and this is supported by rigorous risk assessments and comprehensive event safety procedures.

Case Study: CMS Cameron McKenna – Team Event for Leonard Cheshire

We were asked by the legal firm, CMS Cameron McKenna to deliver a team event that was challenging, fulfilling and - most importantly  - would result in a tangible benefit for a charity or community group. Specifically, the client wanted to:

  • engage the full range of people within their team
  • be within one hour of London
  • keep 70 people busy for one day
  • ….and result in a lasting and sustainable outcome.  
What we did next..Across the Divide explored possible options via our contacts within the charity and voluntary sectors. This resulted in a comprehensive long-list for the client. Possible projects included creating wildlife gardens in schools, constructing a woodland walk, decorating a home for young people and developing a community allotment. The project that client finally chose was to provide assistance at a Leonard Cheshire residential home for residents with disabilities.Initially the client wondered whether one day of activity could make a difference. However, in one well-organised day, 70 people can achieve a lot……

By the end of the day, the team had:

  • re-landscaped the driveway and generated over 25 trailer loads of green waste ready for composting.
  • installed and painted over 75 marker posts alongside the drive.
  • planted 700 spring flowering bulbs
  • constructed a sensory walkway and planted over 80 plants chosen for the sight, sound, taste, smell and touch qualities.
  • constructed 2 raised bed planters designed to maximise wheel chair access and filled with 6 tonnes of topsoil.

CMS Cameron McKenna described the day as ‘Fantastic value for money’, with ATD’s logistics being ‘really impressive’. Other comments included, ‘company continues to support the project and receives updates’, and ‘would definitely do it again’


Across the Divide has over 13 years’ experience in delivering exceptional adventure challenges to the charity and corporate market. This is what we do, and we are the leading expert in this field. If you want to maximise your fundraising return, deliver real and measurable business benefits and provide a truly memorable experience for your participants, then Across the Divide are proven to be able to deliver.

People learn best through experience

We just wanted to drop you a note to say 'Thank You' to Across the Divide for all the help and guidance you gave us all yesterday and during the preparation of our community project - we couldn’t have done it without you.  I think you'll agree that the school were overwhelmed with what we achieved and the difference we have made and we're looking forward to going back in the future to see the plants and vegetables they're growing.    Southampton office of Skandia who took part in a School project.

Whilst we are always seeking new ways to improve our business for growth, it seems we try too hard looking for the solutions. The HFH weekend allowed myself and colleagues to open our minds to real life issues happening across the world which in return gave me the drive and enthusiasm to realise what to do to improve our relationships at work, we used each others skills , some we thought never existed to bring out our survival techniques in unison, which seem to be a natural in us all. The event was great for team moral and whilst we built our own shelters and raised a huge amount of money for a worthwhile charity, we built and secured relationships within our company too. Saira from NHBC

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