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Across the Divide is rapidly gaining a reputation as a provider of some of the toughest endurance events out there. From the 55km Iceland Ultra Marathon through rugged mountains and geothermal ice fields; to our 126km Namibia 24-hour race across the scorching Namib Desert, these events will push you to your limits. Why not set yourself the ultimate challenge?
Across the Divide - Adventure Racing
Adventure Racing
We are all about challenge, about being different and exploring the boundaries of what’s possible. Our Adventure Racing series takes these ideals to the next level and features some of the toughest ultra marathons and adventure races in the world

ACROSS THE DIVIDE Adventure Racing

Sweat, blood, blisters and tears- of overwhelming positive emotion. The Iceland trip was better than I'd ever imagined, the run harder than I'd expected. This was my first experience of joining a group organised trip like this and I was going purely for the physical & mental challenge not expecting to have such a good time with such a lovely bunch of people. Across the Divide ran an amazing trip and were supportive and reassuring throughout. After 12 months of emotional struggle I now feel elated and back to my old self again. Thank you very much.

Across the Divide is all about challenge, pushing your physical and mental boundaries,  and being different - our Adventure Racing series takes these ideals to the next level. Featuring some of the toughest ultra marathons and adventure races in the world our programme of events starts with the highly rated and BBC featured Namibia Ultra Marathon a 24 hour 126km race from Brandberg Mountain, the country’s highest and most spectacularly rugged peak, to the infamous Skeleton Coast.

The Across the Divide Adventure Race and Ultra Marathon series offers a range of distances from a single marathon event to the ultra marathons - anything from 55km to the equivalent of three marathons run consecutively.

NEW for 2012 - Grand Canyon Ultra and Marathon distance 126km - 3 marathons - in 24 hours.

Suitable for individual runners, for small corporate teams and for charity fundraisers the Adventure Race series is expertly managed by Across the Divide’s highly experienced safety and medical staff using our well established event and expedition management model. These events are the ultimate in physical challenges.


We realise that many of you have done several events with us and we want to say thank you - so anyone who has recently signed up for their second ATD event, or signs up in the next two months, will get a £50 discount off all our overseas Just and Adventure Racing Events and £20 off for any European cycle. Email us for more details.

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