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Together We Will Beat Cancer – by Claire Langford

As a child I would be glued to the television the second weekend of April, watching Jimmy Saville in his shiny shell suit running the London Marathon. One year I even did sympathetic laps of my grandparents’ garden as the runners were making their way around London, but as an adult I lacked the impetus to train through the winter and take on the 26.2 miles of a marathon.  Until 2003 when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. If I’d ever needed a reason to don my trainers and get fundraising, this was it, and I signed up to run the London Marathon for Cancer Research UK the following year.


Everest Marathon – final blog post

Final countdown for the trip now! The training is almost complete, whilst Patrick has been battering his way to the top of Kilimanjaro, I have been trotting endlessly about the oxygen rich air of the Chilterns. Hard to know which effort will hold us in greatest stead for the race day but at the moment our focus has turned to packing and kit.

So what to take? We are in the happy position that we only need our trekking kit from Jiri to Namchee Bazaar, where we will meet the rest of the Everest Marathon team. They will bring our bags of running kit to Namchee. Always a bonus to be met half way with extra snacks, toiletries and a layer or two. We’ll also have porters from there….pure luxury!  See below for full trekking list.


Everest Marathon blog – part 3

Hello All,

Back for a quick update. Training continues to go well – battered out 16miles in the Chilterns today, so hopefully on track. Starting to consider giving up booze (poor will power on that one so far), giving up coffee (even worse will power), sorting out nutrition (eating as much as possible) and getting plenty of sleep (that’ll be the day working in the events world!), all in the name of training.

Just a bit of info on our fundraising! This wasn’t really our main priority in setting ourselves the goal of running the Everest marathon – more the lust to travel and have an achievable goal ahead to train for. Neither Patrick nor I really enjoy sticking our necks out and asking for cash, but Bufo ventures (the Everest Marathon organisers) recommended setting up a Virgin money giving page and we thought we would give it a go! The result has been astonishing and we have been both overwhelmed by people’s generosity and support of our endeavours and three very worthwhile causes.


Everest Marathon blog part 2 – The Trek and Race Day itself!

It’s been about one month since our previous blog and, despite being away working on various cycling events overseas, training has been going well! We have completed training runs locally in the Chiltern hills and slightly further afield, enjoying the UK’s many varied mountain areas e.g Brecon Beacons training run (see image). I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a little more about the Jiri to Namche Bazaar trek and the Everest Marathon route itself.

In early Nov Patrick and I will set off ahead of the main Everest Marathon pack (possibly the only time that we will be ahead of them!) and get a rickety bus from Kathmandu to Changma and trek from Jiri  to Namche Bazaar. In Namche we will meet the rest of the gang who will have flown Kathmandu to Lukla.  The Jiri to Namche trek will take 8 days and should be excellent training as it traverses the valley systems of the lower Khumbu and therefore provides lots of ups and downs! View the route.

By the time we reach Namche  we will be at 3440m and will have an acclimatisation day before setting off on the trek to Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes. View the route.

Finally, on 2nd Dec 2011 we will attempt the 26 mile run from Gorak Shep back to Namche Bazaar and hopefully the Everest Marathon shall be complete! View the route  .

From there it is a flight from Lukla back to Kathmandu for fine dining and a knees up before flying home, well…..that’s the plan anyway.

ATD Guide takes on the Everest Marathon

Jen Sinclair – ATD guide is training for the Everest marathon Dec 2011

Welcome to my first blog about the Everest Marathon! Why am I doing it? I’m sure half way through I’ll be asking myself the same question! The event has been on my radar since I spent three months in Nepal and Tibet back in 2006, I decided this year was the year. I’m running the event with my boyfriend Patrick; we’re both keen fitness enthusiasts but wanted a goal in training. To aim for this unique and challenging endurance event whilst also incorporating a trek in this stunning part of the world, fitted the bill perfectly.



I have now managed to clock up a total of 140km.  The last 50km really put the shoe to the test on the dusty high trails of the Annapurna region in Nepal, from Birethanti through Gorepani, Tatopani and on to Beni.  The trails were steep ascents and descents on rocky, uneven steps, hot and dusty 4×4 tracks and local mountain trails.  This is definitely the type of terrain that the shoe excels in.  They felt remarkably stable, and had excellent grip.  They were cool in the heat, and the sole is looking surprisingly new without any detectable wear and tear.  The shoe let in a lot of dirt, but nothing big enough to cause rubbing or blisters.  So far I am impressed and thinking of the next place to put them through their paces.

Steve Clark

Launched – 2012 Overseas Just Events

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 2012 Overseas Just Events.  We think we offer an exciting range of events from a London to Paris bike ride to a trek and rafting trip in Costa Rica or a charity desert trek in Sahara.  We hope there’s something here for you. 

PT-1000 Road and Trail running shoe review


So far I have covered 90km with equal mix of road and trail running. This also includes the extremely wet and muddy South Devon Costal Marathon in February. First impressions are very good. It appears to be a very robust shoe, perfect for racking up the mileage in training. I love the idea that these shoes are built to last as I always get very attached to good running shoes and often mourn my loss when they disintegrate after a couple of months splashing through the soggy trails of Devon and Somerset

For a robust hard wearing shoe, they are comparatively light and the first thing I noticed is how comfortable and stable they are to run in. Personally I would say that they are better suited to the roads, rather than the winter trails I use. Dry and hard trails would be no problem, but they tread doesn’t cope well with wet, slippy and muddy hills, but you can’t expect a shoe to do everything, and they are a very good all rounder. They are definitely my new choice for racking up the training miles, before putting on a more specialist shoe for grip in muddy trail races. So far so good, and looking forward to putting them thoroughly to the test over the coming year. Next stop this month is the hot dusty trails of Nepal to see how they cope with an adventure race. I imagine that they will do much better in this environment.

Steve Clark

Top tips from recent charity trekkers

If you’re about to embark on an overseas challenge or are planning too, we have some excellent tips from a group of trekkers who have recenlty returned back from Nepal.  

Top Tips

  • bring lots of loo paper
  • ear plugs in case your tent buddy snores
  • train lots – up and downhill especially on your thighs
  • fleece liner for sleeping bag, it’s very chilly at night
  • lip salve
  • be prepared to go to the loo ANYWHERE
  • jokes/stories for the evening
  • gifts for local school children
  • don’t listen to the EL when he says sleep naked! 

Why not join us on a challenge in 2011?  Choose from : - Peru | China | Kilimanjaro | London to Paris

Set yourself a challenge for 2011

Why not set yourself a challenge for 2011?  We all set New Year’s resolutions some we keep some we don’t but why not go the extra mile and set yourself a challenge that will not only get you fit but also raise funds for a charity close to your heart.

We have some great trips for 2011 including a Norway Sea Kayak trip, dog sledding adventures, Namibia Ultra marathon, climbing Kilimanjaro or Just Walk – all allowing you to raise funds for the charity of your choice.

We’ve just had a trip come back from Nepal and the feedback has been excellent.  So if you join us you too could be saying….

  • Amazing
  • fantastic
  • trip of a lifetime
  • visiting great places off the beaten track
  • met some amazing people
  • sunrise on the peak the most amazing I’ve ever seen, bought a tear to my eye
  • life changing experience
  • Doing something that matters, raising money for charity
  • increased confidence
  • increased self esteem as I reached the summit

So why not join us in 2011 on one of our fantastic adventures?