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Trekker of the month – Alan Chamley

Alan is our trekker of the month.  He is a truly inspirational man he has taken part in three overseas challenges and has never let his disability get the better of him.

  • What made you want to do a charity challenge

The chance to travel to places that I had not considered before.  I’d never been beyond package holidays.  To go to the Sahara Desert, then Namibia, was something other people did.  With Iceland, lots of people will say it’s a place they would visit,  though most just don’t get around to it. 

  • How many have you done


  • Which was your favourite?

They are like children; I like each for different reasons, and can’t really choose.  I guess the first is extra special.  Namibia, where we built school playground equipment and took part in some school classes, had the special element of giving help to a community.       

  • Which charity did you raise funds for and reasons why

RP Fighting Blindness – the charity’s main purpose is to raise funds for research into finding cures and treatment for the eye condition retinitis pigmentosa, which I have myself.  The Charity also focuses on information and support to individuals and families affected by RP, via its Helpline service, for which I do a weekly session. 


Trekker of the month – Katie Bizzey

Our trekker of the month is Katie Bizzey, who has now completed two treks with Across the Divide plus taken part in four Just Walks.  We asked Katie some questions about her treks, motivation plus much more.  

1.  What made you want to do a charity challenge

My daughter Laura has Muscular Dystrophy.  With no treatment or cure for the disease, as a parent I feel hugely helpless that there was nothing I could do to help my child.  When I saw a charity trek challenge advertised by our disease-supporting charity, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, I decided that this would be something positive for me to do in the face of this terrible disease Laura lives with.  I have always enjoyed a ‘good walk’ and have tramped in NZ, gone ‘off road’ walking in India and so on, but never walked to any level of challenge in a group.

2.  Why did you choose Morroco

Morrocco was a coincidence!  I chose to trek in aid of Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and that was their trek location! Luckily for me, it is, in my opinion, a good ‘starter trek’.

3.       Why did you choose ATD

ATD is  Muscular Dystrophy Campaign’s chosen adventure challenge company so they weren’t MY choice, but an excellent choice made by MDC and I would never even look at a competitors website:  if ATD cant take me to a specific location, I will stay home!!


UNICEF Desert Trek

Fancy setting yourself a challenge this year? Take part in UNICEF’s trek for the Children of Namibia, which takes place in the stunning landscape of the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world; in southern Africa.

What is more, taking part in this trek is a unique opportunity for you to get to know more about UNICEF first hand. The visit to one of the UNICEF projects is a chance to see how much difference your support makes to the children of Namibia and just one of the many highlights of the trip.

For more information, please visit their website:

Alternatively, contact them on 0844 801 2414 or email

Date – 30 August – 9 September 2011


I have now managed to clock up a total of 140km.  The last 50km really put the shoe to the test on the dusty high trails of the Annapurna region in Nepal, from Birethanti through Gorepani, Tatopani and on to Beni.  The trails were steep ascents and descents on rocky, uneven steps, hot and dusty 4×4 tracks and local mountain trails.  This is definitely the type of terrain that the shoe excels in.  They felt remarkably stable, and had excellent grip.  They were cool in the heat, and the sole is looking surprisingly new without any detectable wear and tear.  The shoe let in a lot of dirt, but nothing big enough to cause rubbing or blisters.  So far I am impressed and thinking of the next place to put them through their paces.

Steve Clark

Launched – 2012 Overseas Just Events

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 2012 Overseas Just Events.  We think we offer an exciting range of events from a London to Paris bike ride to a trek and rafting trip in Costa Rica or a charity desert trek in Sahara.  We hope there’s something here for you. 

Charity Desert Trek

It’s been wonderful following the celebs trekking in Kenya for Comic Relief on their Red Nose Desert Trek .    The desert trek was hot and gruelling and I bet a few of you fancy it?   Well funnily enough we have our very own charity desert trek – in Morocco.  Our Sahara Desert Trek allows you to discover a landscape of awe-inspiring beauty, from the great sand dunes to the arid, boulder strewn plains.

Our desert trek route has been designed to show as much of the varied landscape of the Sahara as possible.  It takes us well away from the establised travel routes and along a trade route that is still used by the nomadic Berber and Toureg tribesmen, whom we hope to encounter during our journey.

The Sahara is the world’s second largest desert (second to Antarctica), over 9,000,000 km² (3,500,000 miles²), located in northern Africa and is 2.5 million years old. Its name, Sahara, is an English pronunciation of the word for desert in Arabic.

So why not join us in 2012 and raise funds for your charity of choice on our Charity Desert Trek.